Premier is an all-in-one project management and accounting cloud construction software.

Built for the construction industry, Premier has been helping hundreds of project managers get accurate and reliable job costing to make faster and smarter decisions.

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All-in-one solution for accurate job costing

This centralized dashboard ensures the project manager is always in control. It is designed to display high level KPIs, an approval section, pending items and a summarized cost and revenue summary with full drill-down capability. 

Forecasting and Estimating

Forecasting provides an accurate picture on how project managers will finish on the job. Easily compare the original, current and estimate at completion and account for anticipated costs. Easily review variances month to month and adjust your EAC by issuing budget transfers. With over 20 customizable fields, and full drill down capability, project managers have access to all the job cost and accounting details so they can make more informed decisions.

Automate Customer & Sub Change Orders in Seconds

Easily send your customers change orders to approve or electronically sign from any device without a log in or extra fee. Once approved, Premier will automatically update the status, store the signed agreement, create the billing lines and automatically generate the associated subcontract change orders and email it to the subcontractors for sign off and approval saving you valuable time and taking automation to the next level.

RFIs, Submittals, Daily Job Logs

Streamline how you manage RFIs, submittals, daily job logs, change orders, and more by using an all-in-one cloud solution built for the construction industry.

Premier makes it easy to create, track, and send RFIs and Submittals across one or all your jobs to one or multiple parties. Any third party responses store and update automatically in the system eliminating any rekeying of data or uploading of documents. With a cloud-based solution, your team can submit daily job logs directly from their mobile devices.

Being able to access Premier from home or the field, is just amazing. Many people are so busy and always on the go, frequently on site, so this makes it easy and convenient for PMs to check how the job is performing or address urgent items.

Nikola Ilic

Vice President of Accounting

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