Premier is an all-in-one project management and accounting cloud construction software.

Built for the construction industry, Premier has been helping hundreds of project managers get accurate and reliable job costing to make faster and smarter decisions.

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Over 50+ reports with drill-down capability

Premier provides professional financial reports ready to go that can easily be tailored to your requirements saving you hours. Easily run it for one or multiple companies by month, quarter, annual, etc. It is easy to get started and if required, it has the flexibility to customize to your requirements

Running intercompany reports for construction projects using Premier Construction Software

AP Processing done in seconds

AP processing can be time-consuming given the volume of transactions. Easily enter in AP invoices and match the commitment in seconds. Get alerted if you are exceeding the budget or trying to overpay your vendors. Best of all, subs can submit pay apps online automatically generating an AP invoice and routing to a PMs inbox to approve, reject or modify.

Transparent & Professional Billing Reports

Billing can be complex, time-consuming and prone to human error. Eliminate all risk by automating the entire process. Premier merges in all actual costs and pending AP invoices for a given billing period which Project Managers can mark to bill now, later or never. In seconds, you can generate industry standard, professional reports tailored specific to the client providing a high standard of transparency. This includes the schedule of values, tailored customer billing reports and even a detailed transaction report with all the corresponding AP invoices.

construction software with cost plus billing functionality included

Automate inter-company transactions​

Accountants will fall in love with this feature as it automates this time-consuming process. Easily record transactions across multiple companies and Premier will automatically update the individual loan accounts, eliminating manual data entry.


With Premier’s integrated system, Gillam has been able to track Estimate at Completions (EAC’s) 20% more accurately by having current costs available to its project Mangers when forecasting each cost code. This has led to more consistent reporting month to month. As well, having purchase orders, sub-trade contract information and change orders entered in Premier by site managers, the paper trail between site and the accounting department has been all but eliminated, with all Accounts Payable substantiation at the accountant’s finger tips.

 David Schauer

Vice President of Operations

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