Subcontract Management​

One-stop subcontractor management

Construction software with built-in subcontract management features

From agreements to payments, manage all of your subcontracts from one spot.

Generate subcontract agreements and change orders in seconds

Premier Construction Software provides clean, professional AIA forms that you can tailor with your own clauses, signatures, and custom fields. Customized workflows and instant document transfers make receiving approvals and signatures simple and fast. Stay on top of outstanding subcontract documents and send reminders with just a click.

Track approvals and electronic signatures

Collect and send subcontract agreements and any necessary attachments to your subs for review with a simple email. Premier Construction Software automatically sends secure links that are accessible from any device with internet service. Your subs are able to approve and sign, request revisions, manually print and sign, or decline the agreement in real-time — all without any additional fees.

Simplify your accounts payable with electronic payment applications

Transitioning your subcontractors to using electronic payment applications is easy. With Premier’s online invoice application, your subs enter the completion percentage and change order line items while the system does the rest. The pay app then routes to the project manager for approval. It’s that simple.


Electronic pay apps eliminate manual data entry and document scanning. They also promote communication between the sub, the project manager, and your accounting team. This smooth workflow reduces errors, speeds up payments, and helps eliminate disputes. It’s also less paperwork for your sub.

Sub Pay Applications Online
holdback or retainage

Automated retainage tracking

Premier’s system enables you to customize the percentage to hold back for each of your subcontractors. You’ll be able to track retainage amounts withheld and released. You can even set the system to release retainage and generate AP invoices automatically, further reducing the risk for disputes.

Take control of compliance documents

It’s never been easier to take control of missing, expired, or soon-to-expire compliance documents. Premier Construction Software enables you to track, collect, and store essential subcontractor documents. You’ll automatically maintain a watchful eye on lien waivers, insurance documents, bonds, and other important compliances. You decide which documents to require and how the system should react: ignore, alert, or create a hard stop.

A cash-flow friendly approach to pay-when-paid

Maintain healthy cash flow by automating your pay-when-paid AP. Premier Construction Software automatically calculates the percentage paid from the customer and defaults each individual subcontractor’s AP invoice to match. You’ll avoid overpaying vendors while maintaining healthy cash flow.


Online Sub Pay Applications

Taking your most time-consuming processes and making them easy

Automate your most time-consuming and complex processes

Premier offers the most powerful, all-in-one cloud-based construction software solution on the market, helping businesses manage what’s most important – accounting and job costing.

Cloud-based construction management software built for construction contractors.