Subcontract Management​

Manage your subcontractors from one place

Construction software with built-in subcontract management features

From agreements to payments, you can manage your subcontracts from one platform.

Generate subcontract agreements & change orders in seconds

Premier provides out of box beautiful AIA forms that can easily be tailored with your own clauses, signatures, and custom fields. Configure workflows and send out for electronic approvals and signatures. Easily track outstanding documents and send reminders in just seconds.

Approvals & Electronic Signatures

Easily route subcontract agreements and any attachments to subcontract for review and electronic signatures via email. From any device, anyone can approve and electronically sign, request revisions, manually print and sign, and/or decline. Customize your workflow to include internal & external users at no additional fee.

Subcontractors can submit payment applications online​

Subcontractors can easily enter in the % complete against the contract and change order line items automatically generating the sub payment application and routes to the Project manager for approval or modification. This eliminates manual AP invoice data entry and scanning while providing real-time communication between the subcontractor, project manager and the accounting team. 

Sub Pay Applications Online
holdback or retainage

Easy retainage tracking

Default the % retainage/holdback for each of your subcontractors helping track retainage held and released. Premier provides an option to automatically release retainage and generates an AP invoice.

Never miss compliance documents again

Track, collect and store important documentation from your subcontractors including lien waivers, insurance, bonds, and other compliances. Receive alerts or hard stops when items are missing or nearing expiry.

Pay when paid

Premier displays the cash received and calculates % paid from the customer based on the initial AR Invoice. It defaults the % to pay for all associated AP invoices and will automatically adjust each individual invoice to ensure you are not releasing more to vendors than what was approved from the customer.


Online Sub Pay Applications

Taking your most time-consuming processes and making it easy

Automate your most time-consuming and complex processes

Premier offers the most powerful, all-in-one cloud-based construction software solution on the market, helping businesses manage what’s most important – accounting and job costing.

Cloud-based construction management software built for construction contractors.