Welcome to the Future of Construction

Project +
information in
one solution.

A project dashboard that gives PMs everything they need on one screen to manage their jobs and take action. With built in construction standard KPIs and drill down functionality, it’s easy to see if you are on budget. Easily view job cash flow, forecasted margin, WIP, forecasts, change orders, commitments, approvals, outstanding correspondence, job documents, RFIs, and more. Built in alerts help identify what areas are at high risk and require your attention.

Eliminate AP data
entry & scanning +
automate routing.

Simplify and streamline your entire AP process. Vendors can easily email their AP invoices and the system will leverage AI technology to automate data entry, attach the corresponding document and route it for approval. This eliminates manual data entry, scanning and ensures accurate distribution.

Connect instantly
with subcontractors
+ solve billing

Sub pay apps can easily be sent to subcontractors via a secure link making it easy for them to enter in their % complete from absolutely anywhere, on any device. This information syncs back and automatically generates an AP invoice which is routed to the project managers’ inbox for final review or modification.

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Project Management
& Mobile Apps that
make data entry easy

Project Managers need intuitive, easy to use software to help them stay on time and on budget. With accounting and project information in one solution, it’s easy to track every part of the job. Track Job Cashflow, WIP, Change Orders, Forecast, Commitments, Acutal Costs, RFIs, Submittals, Transmittals, Daily Job Logs, Meeting Minutes, Punch Lists, Drawings, and more.

equals efficiency

Imagine one system that tracks and manages all your documents. With customized folders, user security, version control and unlimited storage, users can access any document at anytime, from anywhere.

Customize Forms &
Reports. Increase
transparency & trust.

With customizable forms and reports, it makes it easy to tailor any information to customers, subcontracts, consultants etc.

Track if you are
over/under on a
job real-time.

This interactive screen helps PMs identify if they are over or under budget on their job and makes it easy to automatically generate new subcontracts, purchase orders and change orders in just seconds eliminating any data entry.

Forecasting is
Essential in

Project Managers can easily forecast Estimate at Completion & Estimate to Completion, automatically factoring in pending commitments, pending change orders and allowing users to enter anticipated costs or exposure.

Get paid faster with
flexible billing

Generate Progress Billing, T&M, Cost Plus & Construction Management billings for customers. All methods integrate approved change orders and easily generate an AR invoice.

Keep Cash Flowing

Run and customize reports including profit & loss, expenses, balance sheets and cash flow statements. Avoid surprises and share professional looking reports with owners and business partners.