RFI Tracking Feature

RFIs made simple

Construction RFI Tracking Software

Remove all liability by getting organized

Create RFIs in seconds

Customize an RFI template to use with all of your customers and subcontractors. Auto-populate important contact and job information while including drawing numbers for reference. Attach supporting documents, add your recommendations, and leave the rest to your contact with an intuitive, easy-to-use response block.

Instant distribution and response tracking

Whether you’re sending an RFI to one person or several, Premier Construction Software does the job with one click. These RFIs are mobile-friendly, allowing your customers and subs to open them from any device while helping you to track their progress.

Stay in the loop with dashboard alerts and email notifications

When a customer, sub, or designer responds to your RFI, you’ll automatically receive an email notifying you. You’ll also be able to track outstanding and overdue RFIs from the dashboard, enabling you to drill down for a resolution.

Benefit from dashboard notifications anytime an RFI on any of your construction projects requires your attention. These alerts lessen the chance of oversight and shorten the timeframe to resolution.

Automate RFI data entry

Avoid errors and save time as Premier Construction Software updates the statuses of your RFIs automatically. The system also stores the responses and supporting documents, adding a layer of confidence that you can’t replace.

Customize RFI reports

Keep track of your RFIs with customizable RFI reports. Monitor all of your RFIs, or use the intuitive filter function to focus on outstanding and overdue RFIs with a click.


How to manage RFIs to increase the success of your construction projects

Automate your most time-consuming processes

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