Here’s how Max Construction Inc. scaled their business, became more competitive and increased the number of projects by 3x.

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Max Construction Inc.

General Contracting - Commercial/Industrial

Max Construction Inc.

MAX Construction, Inc. ( is a full-service tenant finish general contractor withover 20 years of experience in the Denver market.
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Previous Software

Microsoft Excel & Quickbooks

Previous Challenges

Lack of integration
Cash flow issues
Inaccurate Data
Manual and time-consuming processes

Premier Solutions

All-in-one solution
Real-time job costing
Change order and approvals
Accounting drill down

Max Construction Inc. - Customer Success Story

MAX Construction, Inc. ( is a full-service tenant finish general contractor withover 20 years of experience in the Denver market. Aiming to accommodate growth while improving their access to real-time information, standardizing their business processes, and enhancing their organizational effectiveness, MAX Construction came to the conclusion that their current software was going to be unable to meet their needs moving forward. 


With that being said, they began to look at construction software solutions that could address their needs, while at the same time, integrate the information from their previous software. As their search concluded, MAX Construction selected Jonas Premier as their construction software of choice, to help take their growing business to the next level.

Premier provides us with greater flexibility to focus on more important tasks

The Problem

Prior to implementing Jonas Premier, MAX Construction was using QuickBooks to handle their accounting needs, along with Microsoft Excel for their project management, estimating and job costing. MAX Construction was also growing as a company. In a short time span, MAX doubled their employees from 10 to 20 and increased their projects by three times the usual amount. What they quickly realized was that the combination of QuickBooks and Excel was no longer going to work for them. 


As Alex Szollosi, President of MAX Construction Inc. stated, “Because we did not have an integrated software solution like Jonas Premier, our operation was effectively slowed down and we found ourselves falling behind as our company continued to grow.” 


MAX Construction was also lacking the integration between job costing and accounting, which made it difficult to attain real-time information. Another big concern for MAX Construction was the time spent manually tracking change order costs with subcontractors. This was not only very time consuming, but also decreased employee productivity and satisfaction as well. With a software system that was no longer setup to meet the needs of their expanding business, MAX Construction decided to make the switch to the fully integrated, automated, and true cloud construction software, Jonas Premier.

The Solution

Since implementing Jonas Premier, MAX Construction has experienced instantaneous improvements to their business. One major area of improvement has been in their change order process. Since instituting Jonas Premier, MAX Construction is able to filter information and update their change orders in real-time, which represents a time savings of about 30-40 hours for each of their larger change orders, per job. 

When you are spending 25% of your time dedicated to filtering information and updating change orders, which Premier can do for us instantly, that provides us with greater flexibility to focus on more important tasks.

With regards to uploading their bids, MAX Construction is able to complete this task within 15 minutes, as opposed to the hour it took previously, which represents a 75% time savings. Also, because all of their information is setup within Jonas Premier ahead of time, MAX Construction is able to send out subcontracts about an hour and half faster than with their previous software system.

The Benefits

1. Automated and standardized business processes

Less room for human-error and more time-savings

2. Complete integration between accounting and job costing

Track costs by cost item and get accurate real-time reporting

3. Access information in real-time from anywhere, at any time

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, you can securely access your data from any device

By partnering with Jonas Premier, MAX Construction now has a completely automated and integrated construction software solution. As Alex Szollosi stated, “When we began our search for a new software system, we quickly realized that most of the products on the market are incapable of performing both project management and accounting. However, Jonas Premier was the one truly integrated software solution on the market that provided us with all of the functionalities we required at one price, including all future updates, which works perfectly for us”. 


MAX Construction has also been able to standardize their business processes. With complete integration between accounting and job costing, they are able to track costs by cost item, allowing them to access and report on accurate and real-time information. 


Another important benefit to MAX Construction is that Jonas Premier runs entirely on the cloud. Being able to access their information in real-time from anywhere, and at any time, provides them with a level of comfort they were unable to attain with their previous software system. They also do not ever have to worry about running out of storage space on their servers with all of their data stored in the cloud.

Final Thoughts

Through switching to Jonas Premier, MAX Construction has been able to transform their business into a more streamlined, optimized, and efficient operation. With a detailed and thorough initial training process, as well as ongoing unlimited training available, MAX Construction is setup for success. 


By integrating their project management, job costing, and accounting within one software solution, MAX Construction can trust their numbers and know that their information is always up-to-date and in real-time. Reducing their reliance on time consuming, manual processes has not only allowed their employees to be more productive, but they are also more satisfied as well. 


As MAX Construction continues to grow and evolve as a business, they are confident that Jonas Premier has the capabilities and scalability to handle their needs going forward.

Take your most time-consuming processes and make them easy

Premier offers the most powerful, all-in-one cloud-based construction software solution on the market, helping businesses manage what’s most important – accounting and job costing.

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