CentreCourt optimized and refined their processes using Premier software, successfully scaling operations taking the company from 15 to 50 employees and completing 18 major projects in development worth $4.4B

Centre Court

Construction Management, Design-Build, General Contracting - Industrial/Commercial/Instutitional


CentreCourt (www.centrecourt.com) is a real estate company focused on the development of high-rise residential communities across the Great Toronto Area (GTA).
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Previous Tools

Simply Accounting
Microsoft Excel
File Cabinet Storage

Previous Challenges

Manual data entry and human errors
No real time reporting
Paper-intensive and time-consuming processes
Sync issues with multiple systems
Lack of accurate job costing reporting

Premier Solutions

Real-time reporting with drill down capabilities
AP invoicing streamlined
Automated approval workflows
Document control and organization
Cloud Software – Easy to Access From Anywhere

CentreCourt - Customer Success Story

CentreCourt is one of the most active real-estate companies in Toronto, focused on the development of high-rise residential. It is a fully integrated company that operates across all areas of development including land acquisition, zoning, design, sales, construction and customer care. It’s a forward-thinking company with a portfolio of over 18 high-rise residential projects of development representing over 9000 homes and over $4.4 B in development value.

Nikola Ilic, Vice President of Accounting at CentreCourt, described their previous systems as “rudimentary and hap-hazard”.

There was a lot of additional work that had to be completed. We didn’t have any workflow approvals so everything was very paper intensive and it was difficult to get all the invoices approved on time.

The Problem

CentreCourt fell into the trap that most companies do, which is using multiple systems that never properly speak to each other in real time. One of CentreCourt’s biggest challenges was figuring out how to adapt to their growth with their current processes.


Nikola expressed, “Premier truly helped us to scale. We were able to put in adequate controls and streamline a lot of our processes, including the approval of AP invoices, sub-contracts and change orders etc. Honestly, it just makes it easier to analyze the data in a much timelier manner.”

The Solution

Since implementing Premier, CentreCourt has seen a number of improvements in their operations. “There is a major difference between Premier and other software packages on the market. Premier really took the time to help us adopt new processes so we could scale while maintaining a lean team.”


Before implementing Premier, CentreCourt did not have electronic workflows and everything was very paper intensive. They were looking for a software that would help them become completely paperless and make it easy for the end users to see the updates on the job cost reports real-time.

There was a lot of additional work that had to be completed. We didn’t have any work flow approvals so everything was very paper intensive and it was difficult to get all the invoices approved on time.

The Benefits

Since partnering with Premier, CentreCourt now has the ability to operate their business in real-time, which has proven to be extremely beneficial to the company. With Premier fully available through the cloud, CentreCourt is able to access documents and operate remotely, giving them greater accessibility. As Nikola stated, “Being able to access Premier from home or the field, is just amazing. Many people are so busy and always on the go, frequently on site, so this makes it easy and convenient for PMs to check how the job is performing or address urgent items.”

1. Accurate Financial & Job Cost reporting

Trust the data to & make more informed decisions across multiple companies

2. Automated Workflows and Less Paperwork

Route change orders, AP invoices, subcontracts, sub change orders electronically for signatures and approval.

3. Modern Technology = Convenience

Employees can access data and documents from anywhere, from any device.

Nikola noted, “The real-time information and drill-down capability is so helpful because it allows our team to see all the accounting and job cost details making the process to find information much more efficient.” Being able to see that information right away is very helpful to everyone – the end users, the executive team and project managers. It helps hedge risk and quickly identify issues.


Since implementing Premier, CentreCourt has enabled their team to work more efficiently and focus on important tasks that will grow the business.

Final Thoughts

The executive team has really been happy in terms of the enhanced controls; being able to see the updates on the job cost in real time as they’re approving invoices, change orders and sub-contracts.

As CentreCourt continues to grow, they can feel confident moving forward knowing that Premier has the capabilities and scalability to handle their needs today and in the future.

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