Tom Scalisi

Tom Scalisi

Tom Scalisi has over 15 years of experience working in the trades. Since moving to full-time freelance writing, he has developed a passion for helping construction companies grow. He enjoys teaching contractors how technology can streamline their businesses and educating them about their rights during payment disputes.

Major Benefits of Jonas Premier’s Software Architecture

Still looking for reasons to switch construction software? Here are five major benefits of Jonas Premier’s software architecture:

“Walk up and use” ease of use.

Premier has unparalleled ease of use. Each screen is standardized, modern and uniform making it an incredibly painless system to learn. With quick entry at the top and the master detail below, it minimizes the number of screens users have to open. For multi-taskers, the quick menu and multi-tabbed screens make it easy to maneuver from one area to the next. Designed with out of the box financial and job cost reports, Jonas Premier gives construction contractors the details they need to easily understand where they’re making or losing money.

Customization without Modification.

Today construction companies prefer software that is easily tailored to their business requirements without incurring the expensive cost associated with custom work.  Premier can be tailored on a company and user level with no changes being made to the source code. You can customize any standard form or report. With unlimited custom fields, it is easy to add and track a date, numeric value or text field. Each user can set up preferred defaults, define the order of their columns on entry screens, set up alerts, and create their own favorites menu. The security can be set up by individual or by group to restrict company access, open periods, job access, document access, menu design, posting and approval privileges. This gives you the power to mold Premier your way.

Flexibility before and after implementation.

Premier grows with your business. Traditional client server software tend to lack the flexibility, adaptability and scalability found in true cloud based software. Out of the box, Premier provides a complete accounting and job costing system designed to help you get started. With its collaborative consultative approach, it focuses on sharing construction business practices so that you are successful. As you grow, its’ the unlimited training model that really makes a difference – Premier can help on-board new employees and re-train users as new processes are added to ensure your employees are using the software as efficiently as possible.

Workflow Driven Business Processes.

Premier is a workflow driven application designed for construction. We help your company map out your organizational workflow so your team can better understand the overall picture and how the software system integrates in order to provide meaningful reports.

Desktop Integration.

Today’s worker requires access to a broad array of software packages to complete their jobs.  Traditionally there has been a lack of integration among these packages.  Premier is a fully integrated system designed to work seamlessly in tandem with your existing e-mail and office productivity applications. It is integrated with word, outlook and excel. It operates on multiple browsers and can be accessed on Macs, Windows devices, tablets etc. As a true cloud solution, it does not require the hassle and cost of VPNs or Citrix.


Premier has earned a reputation for developing integrated software and providing a quality service to ensure clients’ succeed and grow.  With the input from hundreds of customers and industry experts we developed the next generation of construction software. Premier is the most functional, flexible and easy to use fully integrated construction application on the market today.

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