Accurate job costing isn't a guessing game.

Job costing relies on accurate, up-to-date data, and that’s where Premier Construction Software excels. Boost your efficiency with real-time, automated job costing data with complete transparency across all your projects.

In the 21st century, automation is useful for manual work like updating books and breaking down job costs. Premier Construction Software removes the drudgery of manual job costing and automates it as much as possible to free up time and energy for you to focus on more important aspects of your business. Job costing software includes features like a user-friendly dashboard with real-time data, a forecasting module, and a cost analysis breakdown by item.

Construction Job Costing Software

Real-time data at your fingertips

The Dashboard: Your hub for to-the-second job costing

Streamline your job costing process with Premier Construction Software’s job dashboard. There’s no longer a need to compile a report to know where you stand. The dashboard can tell you in seconds, saving you a lot of time over the long run.

The job costing dashboard has all the data you need in one place. It features sections for key performance indicators, at-risk or outdated items, approvals, and pending items. It also provides a cost and revenue summary with drill-down capability.

You’ll have a comprehensive overview of all your construction jobs at your fingertips, complete with important contract details and billing information. All of the information you need to know is readily available and clear to understand.

Premier Construction Software makes it easy to access all the data you need, all on a user-friendly graphic interface. Whether you are looking for financial indicators like your budget, costs, revenue, or information on items you require for the job, the job dashboard has everything you need to know to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.


Stay on track and predict the future

As a proper accounting and job costing solution, Premier Construction Software keeps your project managers in control. They can track and compare the original contract to the current costs and the estimate at completion, enabling them to make smarter decisions. Using the forecasting module, they’ll be able to account for unanticipated costs and electronically request internal budget transfers to keep the project on track.

Premier Construction Software uses real-time information to provide you and your project managers with budget outlooks. Ensure that you stay on budget and account for anomalies with Premier Job Costing Software. As a result, everyone will stay informed on the budget with no excuses, and you can keep your project going if an unexpected cost does occur.


Multi-level job cost breakdowns

Get the core of all your job costing line items with Premier Construction Software. The job costing module enables you to drill down into each item, up to five layers. Within seconds, you’ll have a pinpoint understanding of the job cost, cost type, cost items, phase, CSI division code, and much more of your accounting-related information.

With Premier Construction Software, you can get a close-up view of your costs broken down by item. Get information on their estimate, cost, type, and how much of the budget it uses. This data can help you make decisions on cost breakdowns for future jobs, allowing you to create a more accurate budget for your customers. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, all the information is readily available at your fingertips and easy to interpret.


Cloud-based data security

Not only does Premier Construction software help you automate the internal runnings of your business, but you never have to worry about threats to your business data. All your construction business information is safely stored in the Cloud, minimizing the threat of cyber theft and other data breaches. You can easily access your business data whenever you need it, but it remains secure from anyone who should not be accessing your information.

Data security is essential to running any business, not only in construction but in any field. Premier Construction Software minimizes the risk of data leaks or theft by keeping your construction business accounting information safe and secure in a Cloud-based database. You can rest easy knowing your important business data is safe from cybercrime and focus on running your construction business productively and efficiently.


Client Success Story

Max Construction Inc.

MAX Construction is a construction company that previously used Quickbooks and Microsoft Excel for project management and has benefitted dramatically from implementing Premier Job Costing Software. They have been able to standardize business processes and report with real-time information. Additionally, all of their construction business data is now safely stored in the Cloud, away from cyberthreats. As a result, they now run a much more efficient, optimized construction business.

Taking your most time-consuming processes and making them easy


Premier Construction Software offers the most powerful, all-in-one cloud-based construction job costing software solution on the market, helping businesses manage what’s most important – accounting and job costing.

Keep your business running efficiently with Premier Construction Software. We take care of the job costing for your construction business so you can focus on your products and customers. Manage budgets, cost breakdowns, and other aspects of job costing with Premier Construction Software.


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