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Construction Companies

Key Construction Processes
We Help You With

Financial Statements
Inter-Company Transactions
Consolidated Financials
Company Cashflow
Fiscal Period Security
Automatic Bank Reconciliation & Feeds
AP Invoicing
Approval Workflows
Alerts & Notifications
Credit Cart Reconciliation
Sub Pay Application Portal
Pay When Paid
AR Invoicing
Pay When Paid
Progress Billing
Cost Plus Billing
Time & Material Building
Job & Bid Tracking
Advanced Forecasting
Job Dashboards & Reporting
Job Cashflow
Subcontract Automation & Approvals
Compliance Tracking
Sub Payment Application Portal
Purchase Orders
Change Orders & RFO Approvals
Daily Job Logs
RFIs, Submittals & Transmittals
Punch Lists
Meeting Minutes
MS Projects Integration
Plan Grid Drawing Integration
Field Apps
Schedule of Values - AIA & % Complete
Cost Plus Billing
Time & Material Billing.
Pay When Paid
AR Invoicing
Employee & Crew Time Tracking
Field Apps
Occupation Code
Billable & Mark-Up rates
Custom Fields
HR & Safety Tracking
Unions, Fringe and Deductions
Payroll Export
Customized dashboards for owners, accountants and project managers
Multi company/consolidation reports
Customize reports for customers, investors etc.
SQL database for easy to use business intelligence reporting
Configurable and Interactive grids
Detailed Job Cost & Revenue Reports
High Level WIP Reports
Subcontract detail reports
Monthly Project Forecast Reports
Unlimited Storage
Upload any documents - drawings, photos, emails, videos etc.
Auto-store & tagging of documents
Full version control
Date/user stamps
Customize & organize folders
Easy search filters
Drag and drop functionality
Share externally
Secure Storage- Microsoft Access is the #1 provider in the world
Out of box, ready and beautiful standard forms
Configure any form(s) for customers, vendors etc.
Customize fields
Configurable User Layouts & Reports