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Standard real-time out of box reports for accounting and job costing.
Multi-company/consolidation reports.
Excel with easy to use configurable templates.
SQL database for easy to use business intelligence reporting.
Real-time integration for accounting and job cost information.
Open reports on any device.
Personalized reports for customers/vendors with real-time access.
Share reports with Project Managers without purchasing a user license.
Collaborate easily with subcontractors, architects, engineers, etc.
Easily send key documents real-time via email to any third party.
Applies to submittals, RFIs, change orders, sub applications, RFQs, etc.
Responses and attached documents auto sync back to Premier.
Real-time information, eliminating the need for users to re-key any of the information.
Easily open the cloud connect link from any device.
Does not require third party users to log into a portal.
Share any document/report with customers or vendors online.
Unlimited storage.
Unlimited user logins with no additional fee.
Unlimited storage at no additional charge.
Upload any type of document into Premier and link it to a job, customer, vendor, etc.
Premier documents auto store and link to a job, customer, vendor, employee, etc.
Out of box folders and sub folders customized by role and easily customizable.
Easy search filters and customizable search folders.
Drag and drop functionality.
Share documents easily with customers and subcontracts.
Approval workflows.
Version control.
Own and archive your data.
Permission levels by user/group.
View documents anywhere on any device.
Integrated with your email provider to store important emails.
Secure Storage – Microsoft Access is the #1 provider in the world.
Out of box, ready and beautiful standard forms.
Configurable forms for each vendor and customer.
Unlimited custom fields which easily merge into any form.
Easy to use Microsoft Word form designer allows users to customize each form in seconds.
General ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank management, and time and expense.
Multi-company and multi-division.
Standard, out of box test company is easily configurable.
Out of box and fully configurable financials statements.
Budget integration.
Easily open & close fiscal periods.
Inter-company relationships.
History upload feature.
Excel upload for customers, vendors, chart of accounts, etc.
AR invoice and cash receipts.
Integration with progress billing to auto-generate AR invoices.
Integration with T&M billing to auto-generate AR invoices.
Copy or upload function for billing lines.
Customize billing lines.
Standard 702/703 AIA forms.
Customizable forms.
Automate application & invoice for all jobs based on actual costs.
Auto merges in approved change orders.
Tracks holdback/retainage.
Integrated into AR Invoicing.
Mark up tables by customer & job.
Generate billing Report & AR invoice.
Customizable customer reports.
Ability to edit billing lines.
Scanned AP invoices auto merge and zip into file for email.
Unlimited jobs.
Customize job length and job types.
Standard CSI master list or customize cost items/type.
Real-time link to general ledger & flexibility on mapping.
Alerts & warnings.
Security by user.
Easily link any documents.
Configure any additional fields.
Contact directory syncs with your email provider.
Tracks original estimate, current estimate and estimate at completion.
Cost item groups/divisions.
Sample out of box estimates available with CSI master list.
Integration with any third party solution and Microsoft Excel.
Lock feature for original estimate.
Generate progress billing lines from estimate based on cost items or cost item groups.
Track estimate at completion and forecasts.
Publish your MS Project in Premier to view tasks, durations, start and finish dates and % complete.
Store Gantt Charts and calendars.
Auto generate subcontracts from estimate or manually create them.
Detailed scope of work and description line items.
Set up one or multiple line items and distribute to the job, cost item and cost type.
Track holdback/retainage with auto-release option, linking to AP invoices
Sub pay application with Cloud Connect feature enabling real-time sync of information.
Configurable form design for subcontract agreement customizable by vendor.
Compliance tracking with alerts/warnings.
Integration of accounts payable with built in alerts/warnings.
Subcontract change order tracking.
Auto generate P.O. from estimate or manually create.
P.O. receipt and packing slip tracking.
Integration with inventory.
Integration of accounts payable with alerts and matching tab.
Workflow approval routing.
Enter in proposed change notices and route for approval.
Track line item details for subcontract work and/or self-performed work with mark-ups.
Track subcontract quotes/RFQs.
Generate and email proposal/quote.
Cloud Connect feature for real-time sync.
Track status and generate approved change order.
Approved change order automatically generates sub change orders and syncs into progress billing applications.
Internal change orders.
Easily configure forms with Microsoft Word Form Designer.
Enter in user time with the Premier Mobile App, Microsoft Excel upload, or by manual entry.
Time entry for job or general ledger.
Customize occupation codes, groups, hour codes, fringes, etc.
Set up unique billing rates by customer for time & material billing.
Time card reporting and approvals.
Integration with third-party payroll providers.
Upload inventory parts list.
Tracks bill of materials, assemblies, serialization, and UPC coding.
Standard or average costing.
Tracks supplier costs and auto updates most recent pricing.
Integrates with purchase orders.
Inventory usage and transaction reports.
Equipment list, billing rates and costing to job.
Easily create submittals and email/print them.
Revision and status tracking.
Upload project documents of any type.
Cloud Connect feature enables real-time sync of information to third-party.
Customize form and submittal type.
Quick search and overdue deliverables report.
Easily create RFI’s, manage revisions and track status.
Upload project documents of any type.
Answer RFI’s via email.
Cloud Connect feature enables real-time sync of information to third party, and auto fills back into Premier.
Customize RFI form and RFI type.
Quick search and status report.
Customize transmittals.
Quickly send and track transmittals.
Attach project documents of all file types.
Create punch list/deficiency list.
Create assignee and due date.
Customize your own punch types.
Syncs with Premier mobile app.
Enter in time for user or crew.
Enter in subcontract time, weather delays, material, safety etc.
Upload photos directly from the jobsite.
Customize any field to control what information is required.
Easily track project meetings and organize meeting details.
Assign action items by user.
Easily copy meeting minutes from week to week.
Set to-do list by user.