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Stay in sync with the status of all your projects through real-time updates and changes. Whether it be pending invoices or approved change orders, Premier has got you covered.

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Construction Management and Accounting Software

Features catered to your business

Meet the dashboard: your construction control panel

You trust your project managers to stay in control, and the centralized construction job dashboard will help. This hub displays high-level key performance indicators, pending items, approvals, as well as cost and revenue summaries, each with full drill-down capability.

construction software with cost plus billing functionality included

Leverage automated, transparent billing

Cost Plus billing can be complex and time-consuming, and it’s easy to make a mistake. Let Premier Construction Software simplify your Cost Plus billing by automating the entire process. Generate clean, professional reports, including schedules of values, customized customer billing forms, and detailed transaction reports — all complete with the appropriate AP invoices.

Get approvals instantly with customizable workflows and electronic signatures

Customizable workflows enable you to choose who receives important documents automatically, supercharging the approval process. With tailored workflows, you will be able to send change orders, budget transfer requests, and subcontract agreements to the appropriate parties instantly. Those parties will be able to open and review the request from any device and provide an electronic signature in real-time. Once signed, the system will update the document’s status in the system, store it in the document management system, and post the commitment.

Up-to-date forecasting and accurate estimating

Using Premier Construction Software’s job forecasting feature, you’ll have the road map necessary to reach your destination. It enables you to compare original and current estimates, as well as the estimate at completion, so you’ll be able to anticipate costs. Review your month-to-month variances and issue budget transfers to stay on track.

With over 20 customizable fields and drill-down capability, project managers can access all the job costs and account details necessary to make smart decisions.

We're made for Construction Management


The importance of all-in-one software for construction businesses

Taking your most time-consuming processes and making them easy

Automate your most time-consuming and complex processes

Premier offers the most powerful, all-in-one cloud-based construction software solution on the market, helping businesses manage what’s most important – accounting and job costing.

Cloud-based construction management software built for construction contractors.