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Stay in sync with the status of all your projects through real-time updates and changes. Whether it be pending invoices or approved change orders, Premier has got you covered.

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Features catered to your business

One solution for accurate job costing & full accounting drill down

This centralized dashboard ensures the project manager is always in control. It is designed to display high level KPIs, an approval section, pending items and a cost and a revenue summary with full drill-down capability. 

construction software with cost plus billing functionality included

Transparent & Professional Billing Reports

Cost Plus billing can be complex, time consuming and prone to human error. Premier eliminates all risk by automating the entire process to ensure all actuals costs are merged into the billing. It generates professional reports including the schedule of values, tailored customer billing reports and detailed transaction reports with all the corresponding AP invoices.

Electronic Signatures & Automated Routing

Take advantage of automated approvals to easily route change orders, internal budget transfers and subcontract agreement for approval and electronic sign off by project managers, architects and customers. Once approved by all parties, the system will mark it as approved, store a copy of the signed document and automatically post the commitment.

Forecasting and Estimating

Forecasting provides an accurate picture on how project managers will finish on the job. Using our forecast feature, construction management companies can compare the original, current and estimate at completion and account for anticipated costs. Easily review variances month to month and adjust their estimate at completion by issuing budget transfers. With over 20 customizable fields, and full drill down capability, project managers have access to all the job cost and accounting details to make smarter decisions.

We're made for Construction Management


The importance of all-in-one software for construction businesses

Taking your most time-consuming processes and making it easy

Automate your most time-consuming and complex processes

Premier offers the most powerful, all-in-one cloud-based construction software solution on the market, helping businesses manage what’s most important – accounting and job costing.

Cloud-based construction management software built for construction contractors.