Construction Compliance Tracking

Compliance tracking made easy

Construction software with built-in construction compliance capabilities

Limit your liability or exposure to risk by ensuring all compliances are collected

Reminders for missing documents

Say goodbye to flying blind and operating unprotected. Premier can automatically hold AP invoices, restricting a sub’s payment until you receive key documents. 


If subcontractors do not provide key documents, or the compliances have expired, or are soon to expire, Premier can trigger key alerts on the job dashboard, prevent subs from entering in their pay apps online, and alert the AP team while processing the invoice to prevent the release of funds. 


Customizable compliance requirements

Break compliances down into three basic categories:

  1. Vendor compliances: license and insurance documents
  2. Subcontract compliances: contract agreements, and permits, and other job-specific documents
  3. Sub payment compliances that accompany payment applications, such as lien waivers

Choose which compliance documents you require and allow the system to do the rest.

Easily manage compliance documents from the dashboard

You can manage the compliance documents across all  your construction projects from Premier’s dashboard. Receive notifications for missing, expired, or soon-to-expire documents and drill down to get to the bottom of it. 

Customize the compliance list to track insurance, bonds, contract agreements, lien waivers, and more, in one convenient spot. Choose which documents are required, update statuses instantly as they come in, and upload them to the document management system for safekeeping.

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