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From QuickBooks to Jonas Premier

When we designed Premier, we took the simplicity from QuickBooks and combined it with the power of traditional packages to create a simple, yet powerful solution on a modern user interface.

Here are 10 reasons to switch from QuickBooks to Jonas Premier

1. Integration

One complete solution for accounting, detailed job costing, project & document management designed for automation and collaboration only for Construction. Using one software for all your needs can help you automate processes, save you valuable time and generate detailed financial and job cost reports.[

2. Data Security

Control what user or group can enter only versus post in key modules. Secure by company and by job. Every entry has a proper data trail which stores electronically in the document management system. This makes it easy for auditors to track so they are in and out of your office in no time.

3. AP Batch Processing

AP Invoices for Jobs or GL can be saved individually or in a batch and routed for approval to multiple users.  Easily run reports to see what is ‘pending’ and who you are waiting for approval on.  When you approve or deny, you have the ability to enter in the proper allocation for each line item. This will automatically update in AP to help minimize double entry.

4. Retainage/Holdback Processing

Designed specifically for construction, we understand the importance of tracking retainage/holdback by detailed job cost items. Premier can automatically release retainage/holdback and generate invoices.

5. Subcontract Management

Tracks compliances and expiry dates. When approving a change order with subs, it automatically generates subcontractor change orders and updates billing. Enable the pay when paid feature and redesign your payment applications by vendor.

6. Cheque Register

A record of cheques enables you to cancel a cheque at any date, without having to reopen a closed accounting period. You can easily deactivate and reactivate periods.

7. Project Accounting

Jonas Premier provides up to 5 levels of detailed job costing which is useful for General Contractors working on condos, apartments, property, lots etc.
Example: An AP invoice could be allocated as follows: Job 123 – Sub – Concrete Work – Building 1 – Bathroom

8. Project Management

Manage estimates, est@completion, actual & committed costs, change orders, pending change orders, photos, RFIs, Submittals, Transmittals, Punch lists, and more.

9. Document Management

Documents from Premier automatically store and tag to the job, customer, sub, employee etc., helping you become paperless instantly. Integrated with Word, Excel and Outlook makes it easy to tag documents. Upload any 3rd party and enable workflow approval for internal and external users such as subcontractors.

10. Billing

Enter and manage fixed price Job Invoices, Schedule of Values, Progress Billing by %, amount, units, AIA billing and T&M Cost plus mark up with Construction Management Fees. Design your forms or easily copy from templates.


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Eliminating Complexities in Construction Software

Five years ago at Jonas Software, we challenged our team to develop a product that reduces complexities in construction software. We knew there had to be a way to create a fully integrated software solution for construction contractors that was both simple like QuickBooks, yet powerful and robust like traditional software packages. To keep it simple for your business, we knew we had to keep it affordable, easy and quick to install and make it accessible from anywhere.

With over 23 years of experience in the construction software vertical, Jonas Software was one of the first to organically develop a true cloud based solution known as Jonas Premier.

We focused our attention on three key areas – it had to be simple to use, designed specifically for construction and low cost.

We know that switching software packages involves change which can present a challenge to most organizations.  To keep it simple to use, we focused our attention on developing a software that is user friendly by creating consistent screens throughout so users can easily adopt the new tools.

Next, have you ever heard of the expression “jack of all trades, master of none”? Well we worked very hard to avoid falling into this trap. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop software solution that is specific in regards to the clients it partners with so we can properly advance the development based on client input. We focused on adding key features to help with automation, collaboration and integration specific only to General Contractors.

Finally, in this economy – it’s even more important to keep costs low. Jonas Premier is hosted in the cloud, which means there’s no need to buy your own server, or pay for in-house IT. We know how important security is so we decided to partner with the number one provider of hosted solutions – Microsoft Azure.

Change is difficult, but if you want to be moving forward, you can’t stay still. If you are looking for a modern integrated construction solution that provides direct and personal support – Jonas Premier is your answer. It’s easy to get started and we guarantee you will be impressed with the time and money you will be saving.

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The Cloud – 5 Reasons for Cloud & Microsoft Azure

When searching for Cloud Software, it’s important to ask vendors who is hosting your data.

Premier hosts your data with the world class provider – Microsoft Azure. Here are five reasons Microsoft Azure is a step above the rest:

  1. Accessible

    Microsoft Azure delivers a 99.95 % monthly Service Level Agreement.  What does this mean for you? Virtually no downtime and your information is always accessible.

  2. Secure

    As the #1 global provider of hosted solutions, you can rest assured that your data will be secure with Microsoft. The data is always backed up and always belongs to you. 57% of fortune 500 companies trust Microsoft Azure with their data.

  3. Scalable

    With vast resources and server space Microsoft Azure allows Premier to scale to any size. As your company grows, Premier grows with you. Premier prides itself with its “software for life” promise.

  4. Support

    Microsoft Azure is constantly growing and receiving updates from an incredibly talented support team at Microsoft. With their best of breed experience, they make certain that you are getting the best service possible.

  5. Cost

    Microsoft Azure eliminates the cost of a server and the I.T maintenance that comes with it. Premier is just a fraction of the cost of other software solutions.