Major Benefits of Jonas Premier’s Software Architecture

Still looking for reasons to switch construction software? Here are five major benefits of Jonas Premier’s software architecture:

“Walk up and use” ease of use.

Premier has unparalleled ease of use. Each screen is standardized, modern and uniform making it an incredibly painless system to learn. With quick entry at the top and the master detail below, it minimizes the number of screens users have to open. For multi-taskers, the quick menu and multi-tabbed screens make it easy to maneuver from one area to the next. Designed with out of the box financial and job cost reports, Jonas Premier gives construction contractors the details they need to easily understand where they’re making or losing money.

Customization without Modification.

Today construction companies prefer software that is easily tailored to their business requirements without incurring the expensive cost associated with custom work.  Premier can be tailored on a company and user level with no changes being made to the source code. You can customize any standard form or report. With unlimited custom fields, it is easy to add and track a date, numeric value or text field. Each user can set up preferred defaults, define the order of their columns on entry screens, set up alerts, and create their own favorites menu. The security can be set up by individual or by group to restrict company access, open periods, job access, document access, menu design, posting and approval privileges. This gives you the power to mold Premier your way.

Flexibility before and after implementation.

Premier grows with your business. Traditional client server software tend to lack the flexibility, adaptability and scalability found in true cloud based software. Out of the box, Premier provides a complete accounting and job costing system designed to help you get started. With its collaborative consultative approach, it focuses on sharing construction business practices so that you are successful. As you grow, its’ the unlimited training model that really makes a difference – Premier can help on-board new employees and re-train users as new processes are added to ensure your employees are using the software as efficiently as possible.

Workflow Driven Business Processes.

Premier is a workflow driven application designed for construction. We help your company map out your organizational workflow so your team can better understand the overall picture and how the software system integrates in order to provide meaningful reports.

Desktop Integration.

Today’s worker requires access to a broad array of software packages to complete their jobs.  Traditionally there has been a lack of integration among these packages.  Premier is a fully integrated system designed to work seamlessly in tandem with your existing e-mail and office productivity applications. It is integrated with word, outlook and excel. It operates on multiple browsers and can be accessed on Macs, Windows devices, tablets etc. As a true cloud solution, it does not require the hassle and cost of VPNs or Citrix.


Premier has earned a reputation for developing integrated software and providing a quality service to ensure clients’ succeed and grow.  With the input from hundreds of customers and industry experts we developed the next generation of construction software. Premier is the most functional, flexible and easy to use fully integrated construction application on the market today.


What Defines Zero Risk in Construction Software?

The majority of software vendors do not offer a zero risk policy because they aren’t confident in their product or the support they offer to the clients. Premier is different. We want to mitigate the risk for companies which is why we make it easy to get started with no initial license, no server requirement and a zero risk policy. We invest our time evaluating your business to ensure you are a proper fit for Premier so we don’t waste your time. With our zero risk policy, you can continue to evaluate our product and support for months to ensure we meet your expectations.


In the software industry, many vendors lock you into a contract and it’s difficult to truly evaluate the product or service until you’re actually trained. In addition to this, many vendors quote an unrealistic number of training hours and end up billing you afterwards. With Premier, we focus on adding real value and taking good companies and making them great. This is why we pride ourselves on unlimited training and support at no additional cost – zero risk.


With our simple to use, modern and integrated software, combined with unlimited training and a zero-risk model – it’s easy to see why people choose to partner with Premier.


With over 24 years of construction software experience, we’ve consulted some of the best managed construction companies across North America. We understand the General Contractors playbook inside and out – what works, what doesn’t and what makes companies successful.


We keep saying there’s zero risk involved with switching to Jonas Premier, but what do we mean by that exactly? There’s a few things we do differently than other software packages to assure you, your money, and your data are never at risk. The transition to Jonas Premier is incredibly quick and simple.


Pre-implementation meetings

Before the training we schedule a kick-off meeting with your team to set expectations and goals from both ends. This is important because each company is a little different and we’d like to have all the information upfront to help build a test company and tailor it to your needs. With our modern user interface, Premier is very flexible and configurable. Also, this provides us with an opportunity to set up a training schedule with you and discuss methods of exporting your data from your existing system.


Efficient and unlimited training

One of our goals is to get you using our product as quickly as possible so that you are not running parallel systems for too long. We can have you live in just 30 training hours. We’ve had some companies go live in just 3 weeks and others in 2.5 months. The reality is, you have a business to run so we will work with you to tailor a schedule with your team that is realistic. Each session is recorded and you can have as many people as you like attend the on-line sessions. After the 30 training hours, we provide you with a direct and personal Customer Success Manager to help you answer any questions at any time for no additional cost.


No initial investment

Our software as a service (SAAS) cloud model means that you will only incur a monthly subscription fee for Jonas Premier. Everything is included in the one monthly fee and there is no investment required for additional hardware or IT resources. Our cloud partner, Microsoft, will take care of all the maintenance, storage and back-ups. The data and information always belongs to you.

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Easy accounting software to get you the information your need, fast

With its modern and streamlined design, Jonas Premier helps you find the information you need to successfully manage your business faster. The entire system is standardized, making it easy for any user to learn any screen. Additionally, the multi-tabbed interface allows for information to be compared easily, without the clutter of multiple windows. Complete your required tasks in fewer keystrokes, let the software do the work for you.

Premier Construction Software specifically targets General Contractors. Through decades of experience we understand what reports contractors are looking for and what best practices are used in the construction industry. It’s easy for users to compare, jobs, change orders, estimates, financials, and much more. We also realize that many of our users commonly access external sites or third party applications like Outlook, estimating systems, weather network, bidding sites, health & safety forms, etc. Premier Construction Software enables you to create your own centralized menu design that easily integrates these, which increases efficiency.

Every company is different and users may have multiple roles so it’s important to be able to configure reports quickly and easily. Premier has a SQL database which means you can access any data table or field and build reports that combine information across companies, divisions, and modules, getting you the information you need.

With Premier Construction Software, we focus on making the accounting software decision easier by providing a business model that minimizes risk. Cloud based means there’s no server required, making it easy to install and faster to get started. Uniform design and flexibility in the product makes it easy for your staff to be trained quickly on a system that will be configured specifically for your company. With our SAAS model, you can get started with low cost and zero risk.

“Our approach is similar to a custom suit shop – we consult, tailor and provide a quality product.” explains Karoline Lapko, Vice President of Premier Construction Software. “It’s through meaningful conversations that we accomplish great things and add true rich value to business. We know how important it is to better track costs and ensure you find the right software that enables you to double your growth with the same number of resources.”


Value in Cloud Software for General Contractors

As far as cloud software goes, there are many options available. Many can solve your immediate problems but how many add true value and help you grow?

Jonas Premier is one of the first cloud based integrated software solutions organically developed. We want to be the best at what we do so we focus on differentiating ourselves from other vendors by not trying to be everything for everyone – we design specifically for GCs who subcontract and this is why we have a product that is simple yet powerful.

Even though Premier is flexible and configurable to any businesses, we are very selective as to who we partner with as it significantly influences our development. We involve our clients in development so we can build applications, reports and features that mean something to you. We focus on automation, collaboration and integration because this is what the industry is asking for.

We invest substantial effort on consultation to teach your company best practices from some of the best managed companies in North America. We ask you questions that matter so that your team can become even more successful.

When it comes down to it, there are two common reasons people are looking for software:

  1. P&L – Detailed job costing to help manage profit and loss by job and company.
  2. Automation & Efficiency – to accomplish more and double in size with the same number of resources.

At Premier, we make this happen.  We always ask prospects – why can’t your company stay as is? Why does this change matter?  It’s through meaningful conversations that we accomplish great things and add true rich value to your business.

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Industry Insight Resources

From QuickBooks to Jonas Premier

When we designed Premier, we took the simplicity from QuickBooks and combined it with the power of traditional packages to create a simple, yet powerful solution on a modern user interface.

Here are 10 reasons to switch from QuickBooks to Jonas Premier

1. Integration

One complete solution for accounting, detailed job costing, project & document management designed for automation and collaboration only for Construction. Using one software for all your needs can help you automate processes, save you valuable time and generate detailed financial and job cost reports.[

2. Data Security

Control what user or group can enter only versus post in key modules. Secure by company and by job. Every entry has a proper data trail which stores electronically in the document management system. This makes it easy for auditors to track so they are in and out of your office in no time.

3. AP Batch Processing

AP Invoices for Jobs or GL can be saved individually or in a batch and routed for approval to multiple users.  Easily run reports to see what is ‘pending’ and who you are waiting for approval on.  When you approve or deny, you have the ability to enter in the proper allocation for each line item. This will automatically update in AP to help minimize double entry.

4. Retainage/Holdback Processing

Designed specifically for construction, we understand the importance of tracking retainage/holdback by detailed job cost items. Premier can automatically release retainage/holdback and generate invoices.

5. Subcontract Management

Tracks compliances and expiry dates. When approving a change order with subs, it automatically generates subcontractor change orders and updates billing. Enable the pay when paid feature and redesign your payment applications by vendor.

6. Cheque Register

A record of cheques enables you to cancel a cheque at any date, without having to reopen a closed accounting period. You can easily deactivate and reactivate periods.

7. Project Accounting

Jonas Premier provides up to 5 levels of detailed job costing which is useful for General Contractors working on condos, apartments, property, lots etc.
Example: An AP invoice could be allocated as follows: Job 123 – Sub – Concrete Work – Building 1 – Bathroom

8. Project Management

Manage estimates, est@completion, actual & committed costs, change orders, pending change orders, photos, RFIs, Submittals, Transmittals, Punch lists, and more.

9. Document Management

Documents from Premier automatically store and tag to the job, customer, sub, employee etc., helping you become paperless instantly. Integrated with Word, Excel and Outlook makes it easy to tag documents. Upload any 3rd party and enable workflow approval for internal and external users such as subcontractors.

10. Billing

Enter and manage fixed price Job Invoices, Schedule of Values, Progress Billing by %, amount, units, AIA billing and T&M Cost plus mark up with Construction Management Fees. Design your forms or easily copy from templates.