What is the difference between cloud and a hosted environment? With typical hosting, you’re offloading your servers to a third party hosting company who then looks after server management on your behalf. While at first glance this seems like a positive step in the right direction to reducing your overall IT costs, you’re still limited by the capacity of these servers and the network capacity of the provider. If you need more capacity, the hosting
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On behalf of the Jonas Premier Team, we would like to thank all of the amazing men and woman who came to visit our booth. Every year it truly amazes us how incredible an industry that we have the pleasure of working in! Thank you all so much for your valuable time and the amazing conversations.   Don’t forget to wear your Hard Hats when on site….SAFETY FIRST!!! We’ll see all you lovely people next
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In a recently published article for Capterra, Content Marketing Analyst, Rachel Burger ranked Jonas Premier in the top 10 best constructions software packages for contract management. Citing Premiers unlimited document storage, ease of use and reputation for customer service excellence as defining features, Burger went on to explain that the criteria used in narrowing down her extensive list of candidates consisted of: Is the software industry specific? Is it applicable for commercial construction? Are there
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The construction industry is one of the largest and oldest industries in North America. In some areas it is at the forefront of innovation, and yet is oddly still hesitant to progress in others.  In today’s modern era of construction there are few features that can give as great of an advantage as mobility. As mentioned in an article on , the ability to access live data on the go allows Project Managers, Architects
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The Challenge
Both Jonas Premier and Jonas Enterprise Construction Software, industry leaders in construction management software, providing construction software solutions built for the construction industry, have both been named to Capterra’s Best Construction Management Systems List. Jonas Enterprise and Premier, together comprising Jonas Construction Software, are the only fully integrated construction software solutions to make the list. Capterra’s Best Construction Management Systems List is based on three main criteria: ease of use, customer service, and the overall
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