Billing Feature

Streamline your
AR billing process

Whether it be cost-plus billing, progress billing, or time & materials, Premier does it all.

AR & AIA Construction Billing

Automating your billing process in seconds

Progress Billing

Enter in the schedule of values each month and generate standard AIA forms. Send it for approval and then easily raise an AR invoice in just seconds ensuring accounting and job costing is always in sync. If revisions are required to the billing app, it auto-reverses the associated AR invoice and generates a new one helping eliminating this time consuming and complex process.

Premier Construction Software automates the Progress billing AIA for the construction industry
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construction software with cost plus billing functionality included
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Cost-Plus Billing

Merge in all your actual costs for a given period and review which line item to include to the bill now, later or never. It generates the schedule of values, a tailored billing report and a detailed transaction report with all the associated scanned in AP invoices. With flexible management fees and report customizability, you can tailor absolutely anything.

Time and Material Billing

Merge in actual costs for a given period and automate which mark-up codes are applied to your customer. Set up a % or Fee mark ups for labor by occupation code, material, subcontracts etc. Tailor your billing report and easily create an AR Invoice in just seconds. 

Job Costing & Accounting in Sync

AR Invoicing is built into all Premier billing methods. This way the accounting and job costing are always in sync. With one-click reversals and edits it makes it super easy to adjust the job billing and see the changes automatically update your accounting, minimizing any data entry and avoiding human error.


Online Sub Pay Applications

Taking your most time-consuming processes and making it easy

Automate your most time-consuming and complex processes

Premier offers the most powerful, all-in-one cloud-based construction software solution on the market, helping businesses manage what’s most important – accounting and job costing.

Cloud-based construction management software built for construction contractors.