Accounts Payable Feature

Simplifying your accounts payable process with automation

Take the pressure off your accounting team with Premier Construction Software’s Account Payable Module. Our system makes paying invoices, selecting appropriate project breakdown, and managing subcontractor and vendor payments easy and accurate.

Accounting Construction Software

Accounts payable invoicing has never been easier.

  • AP Invoicing Made Simple

    Entering and assigning an AP invoice with Premier Construction software is a breeze. Simply enter the invoice and assign it to a general ledger or a specific project. Then, select the associated subcontract or purchase order to match the commitment. It’s as easy as that.

  • Accounts Payable Alerts

    It’s never been easier to keep your budgets in balance. Premier Construction Software will send you real-time alerts and perform hard stops when issues arise. If you’re missing compliances from a sub, exceeding a budget, or overpaying a vendor, the Accounts Payable module will alert you immediately, saving you from costly mistakes.

  • Effortless Electronic Approvals

    Premier Construction Software makes it easy to stay in the loop and on top of your jobs. With remote access from any internet-enabled device, project managers can easily approve, modify, or reject invoices and update the Accounts Payable system in real-time.

  • Easy Recurring Invoice Creation

    Recreating the same invoice from scratch each month is a waste of your team’s time. Premier Construction Software enables your Accounts Payable team to copy invoices and reuse them month after month.

  • Manage Multiple Companies

    Say goodbye to intercompany communication issues. Your project management and accounting teams are always on the same page with Premier Construction Software. Our program can even handle multi-company AP processes for land developers and contractors, managing bank and loan accounts with one solution.

  • One Click Edits & Reversals

    While Premier Construction Software minimizes errors in the Accounts Payable process, we understand that mistakes happen. Our one-click edits and reversals make correcting errors in data entry a snap. Simple edit a posted invoice by adjusting the amount, date, account, or other fields, and the system will automatically update any associated data throughout the system.

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Premier offers the most powerful, all-in-one cloud-based construction software solution on the market, helping businesses manage what’s most important – accounting and job costing.

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