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The Secret Extension of My Construction Team: My Software Provider

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

When it comes to choosing software for your construction company, having a provider that can work with your business and for your business, will ultimately lead to better outcomes all-around.

Premier Construction Software is the number one cloud software on the market. Is it because the product is great? Absolutely. But it’s also because Premier takes a partnership approach when working with clients.


“Businesses want a partner that they can trust. Not only do we take the time to understand a company’s processes and desired outcome, we take the time to build a relationship with their people and learn about their work culture. Transitions can be difficult as typically a bit of change is required. This is why we adopted a “one team” mentality. We truly care about helping great companies become even better, and we know that they key to this is communication.”


For MAX Construction Inc., a full-service tenant finish general contractor company in Denver, CO, the Premier software isn’t just an efficient tool for the company—it’s an extension of the company itself.

When Alex Szollosi, President of MAX Construction, was looking for a software solution for his company, he sought out many options. When it came down to it, Premier was the best fit for many reasons.

“The reason why I like the product, is not just the product – it’s the people I’m working with. That comfort zone made my decision easy. And I can honestly say that I made the right choice with that decision. It’s six years later and I still have regular contact with Premier. They’re always happy to talk to me; they’re excited to know what we’re doing and I’m excited to know what they’re developing so we can use Premier not just for today, but for tomorrow.”


When a company is looking to purchase an all-in-one software solution, there are many factors to consider. Ensuring back-end technology is modern and fully cloud-based is vitally important, as is knowing about additional fees that may arise. Szollosi wanted to know about all facets when he was looking to make a software decision.

When you’re a Premier user, whether it’s today or tomorrow, you get the entire product and all future product enhancements at no additional cost. They do frequent updates with and you get unlimited group training for new staff. So you’re never paying more for the product than the agreed to amounts.

Training and support are required regardless of what software you’re using. With Premier, the process is transparent and user-friendly. Szollosi can attest to this.


“One of the key things with all these products is that you have to learn how to use it. I went to several different companies and they quote you on how to use the product. Premier’s classes are far less cost and all of their classes are online with real-time collaboration, so you can sit in your office or at home to take that class. They record the classes and they offer you unlimited use of them until you feel comfortable using the system. That was a tremendous difference that I really enjoyed because I knew I wasn’t limited or falling back because of business getting in the way and not always being able to take the classes when you’d like to. That was one thing that really stuck out in our minds.”


Understanding that collaboration is the key to innovation is paramount at Premier.  Szollosi knows this firsthand and has helped develop many new features in the software, including enhancements to its unlimited storage document management system and change order signature automation. Having a voice and actually being heard is a differentiating factor that separates Premier from the competition.


I really think that people need to look at who the people are that they’re going to be dealing with as much what the product is all about. In my book, Premier is a winner in both of those areas.


“What I’m trying to stress here is that Premier is not just designing a product, they’re listening to their users to design a more fluid product and one that’s better for the use of its individual clients. They implement our ideas. They listen. They’re constantly working on the ability to improve on the product.”


When it all boils down, it’s the people behind the software that makes using Premier Construction more user-friendly, innovative and seamless. As Szollosi puts it,

“They are truly an extension of MAX construction. It makes the product we deliver to the job site a better product as well.”


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