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The Future with BIM

Many construction projects require you to juggle several subcontractors, which makes it challenging to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a type of software that allows for information rich virtual models to be created. They can help address unforeseen issues in the pre-construction phase and allow for greater collaboration between subcontractors during construction.

BIM has been around for a few years now but is becoming more and more practical by the day, especially if it’s implemented in the cloud. Many companies have used it to ensure projects are completed efficiently, on time, and on budget. A cloud based BIM system gives all employees working on a project access to the information they need, updated in real time. This keeps everyone on the same page, whether it’s a foreman on site, or a designer in the office. It also helps streamline the design, manufacturing, and building phases.

Cross disciplinary collaboration can often be tough when each subcontractor can make decisions that may unknowingly conflict with someone else’s plan. BIM allows for each contractor to know their role, and when to execute their part in a project. It will also help with spotting issues in the pre-construction phase and lead to better decision making to solve each issue. By streamlining workflow BIM promotes an informed workforce and makes it easy to meet deadlines and stay on budget.

Many BIM systems also keep extremely accurate project documentation. Each model version stays on record with information about what changes have been made since the last version and who has made them. This means you’ll always have in depth records of the project and you can be sure nobody has tampered with designs. Another tool to help with this is custom permissions for the users on the system, ensuring only people that are trained to use the system can alter data.

Taking courses to use BIM properly is growing in popularity as the demand for BIM systems grow. As more and more companies experience the positive affects BIM has on project outcomes it is establishing itself as an industry stand piece of construction technology.


What Defines Zero Risk in Construction Software?

The majority of software vendors do not offer a zero risk policy because they aren’t confident in their product or the support they offer to the clients. Premier is different. We want to mitigate the risk for companies which is why we make it easy to get started with no initial license, no server requirement and a zero risk policy. We invest our time evaluating your business to ensure you are a proper fit for Premier so we don’t waste your time. With our zero risk policy, you can continue to evaluate our product and support for months to ensure we meet your expectations.


In the software industry, many vendors lock you into a contract and it’s difficult to truly evaluate the product or service until you’re actually trained. In addition to this, many vendors quote an unrealistic number of training hours and end up billing you afterwards. With Premier, we focus on adding real value and taking good companies and making them great. This is why we pride ourselves on unlimited training and support at no additional cost – zero risk.


With our simple to use, modern and integrated software, combined with unlimited training and a zero-risk model – it’s easy to see why people choose to partner with Premier.


With over 24 years of construction software experience, we’ve consulted some of the best managed construction companies across North America. We understand the General Contractors playbook inside and out – what works, what doesn’t and what makes companies successful.


We keep saying there’s zero risk involved with switching to Jonas Premier, but what do we mean by that exactly? There’s a few things we do differently than other software packages to assure you, your money, and your data are never at risk. The transition to Jonas Premier is incredibly quick and simple.


Pre-implementation meetings

Before the training we schedule a kick-off meeting with your team to set expectations and goals from both ends. This is important because each company is a little different and we’d like to have all the information upfront to help build a test company and tailor it to your needs. With our modern user interface, Premier is very flexible and configurable. Also, this provides us with an opportunity to set up a training schedule with you and discuss methods of exporting your data from your existing system.


Efficient and unlimited training

One of our goals is to get you using our product as quickly as possible so that you are not running parallel systems for too long. We can have you live in just 30 training hours. We’ve had some companies go live in just 3 weeks and others in 2.5 months. The reality is, you have a business to run so we will work with you to tailor a schedule with your team that is realistic. Each session is recorded and you can have as many people as you like attend the on-line sessions. After the 30 training hours, we provide you with a direct and personal Customer Success Manager to help you answer any questions at any time for no additional cost.


No initial investment

Our software as a service (SAAS) cloud model means that you will only incur a monthly subscription fee for Jonas Premier. Everything is included in the one monthly fee and there is no investment required for additional hardware or IT resources. Our cloud partner, Microsoft, will take care of all the maintenance, storage and back-ups. The data and information always belongs to you.

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Evolution in the Construction Software Industry

Jonas Construction Software was founded in the 90s and since then the software industry has drastically evolved.  Each year the bar is set a little higher, software providers create new, innovative products and services, while the consumer’s expectations continuously rise. With open source development, it’s easier to download source codes and modify them pushing software companies to find new ways to differentiate themselves. However, no one should believe it’s easy to build a new construction software in an established industry. It’s difficult.

With 24 years of experience, Jonas Premier has proven yet again to be a leader in the market by developing a true cloud based software for construction that is simple, powerful and integrated.

For the fifth consecutive year Constructech Magazine has named Jonas Construction Software part of the Constructech 50 list, in recognition of its ability to adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing environment.

Additionally, recently put us at the top of their list of the Top 10 Construction Accounting Software Programs, which highlights the best accounting and business management systems on the market right now.

“Jonas Construction Software offers an array of construction management applications, which includes applications for bid management, project management, service management, customer management, and accounting,” writes Glenn Tyndall, software expert.

Jonas Construction has two product lines that are turning heads, Premier and Enterprise. Both popular for their innovative tools that are setting the standard for construction software. Through years of experience, meaningful interactions with customers, and analysis of what’s to come in the future Jonas Construction is always working on new solutions that will add real value to construction businesses.

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