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Accounting and Project Management in Harmony

With all of your accounting and project management needs in one solution, you’re in the driver’s seat. You’ll get real-time data you can trust and the reports you need when you need them. And, since both project management and accounting modules work together seamlessly, you’ll never have to worry about missing data or sync issues.  

Best of all, you’ll have just one call to make for all of your tech support needs and questions.

Streamline Complex Processes Through Automation

Premier Construction Software focuses on streamlining your most time-consuming and complex processes through automation, allowing you to focus on building a successful business. The software helps project managers and accounting teams avoid mistakes in calculations, data entry, and other error-prone tasks. The end result is a more efficient business and increasing profitability.

A Truly Cloud-Based Solution

Modern problems call for modern solutions. With Premier Construction Software, your team can stay connected from anywhere in the world. By utilizing the cloud-based system, your team can access information at any time, from anywhere, on any device. And, since the cloud is hosted by the number one provider in the world, Microsoft Azure, it’s completely reliable. Azure provides exactly the type of steadfast foundation you need from your construction software. 

Premier Construction Software provides these services at no additional cost to you — convenience at its finest.

Build a Business Playbook

Today’s construction projects are becoming increasingly more complex, requiring a modern approach to project management and accounting processes. Premier Construction Software streamlines and automates these processes for you, clearly defining and optimizing them for ultimate efficiency. 

Most importantly, Premier Construction Software helps everyone on your team stay on the same page on every aspect of the project. You’ll be able to build a playbook for your business, with growth, efficiency, and profitability as the big payoffs.

Features Designed for Your Business

Why our clients love us

"We have just started with Premier but I can already confirm that it will make our processes easier and more efficient. All modules flow together and I'm really thankful for the recorded webinars to refer back to. The team at Premier is outstanding!"
Brandi from Lakota Holdings Inc.
Executive Team
“My goal with Premier was to implement a software that would take us into the future and allow some automation. The time savings I have seen has been incredible. It has allowed us to stay steady with the accounting staff we have with little to no overtime! The staff has been great and at times extremely patient with us.”
Judy from Primus Companies
Financial Executive
"We use Premier extensively to manage all of our Solar EPC and Solar Construction projects. We use it to manage all aspects of the project (people, schedule and cost). Features like the dashboard provide management with a quick tool to see the status of a project, and also provides the ability to dig down into the numbers to see what is impacting the project."
Philip from Reach Construction
Chief of Operations

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